About Yvie's AtticA Bit About Me

Hello and welcome to Yvie’s Attic. This is my little corner of the internet where I get to talk about all the things in the world that I’m passionate about and that make my heart soar. It’s also a place where I can let everyone know what’s going on in my Etsy shop – Yvies’ Attic

I’m Denise – aka Yvie – and I live in the North East of Scotland with Mr YA, our two German Shepherd dogs, a little cockatiel and my gorgeous black and white cob and, as well as running Yvie’s Attic on Etsy, I’m a music teacher (singing, piano and music theory). I’m also passionate about nature, gardening, paper-crafts, knitting, crocheting, sewing, baking, reading, taking photographs, embracing creativity, daydreaming, eating cake and drinking coffee.

A Few Other Things You Might Like To Know

In addition to all of the above…

  • I live by the motto “If I’m sittin’, I’m knittin’ (or crocheting or…sewing or…reading).
  • I’m a wildlife gardener and my aim is to create a beautiful outdoor space in my 3/4 of an acre garden where humans and nature can live happily side by side.
  • I’m a vintage tea party/afternoon tea addict and will grab every opportunity that I can to get dressed up and head out for tea and cake.
  • I used to work for a company of fine art auctioneers and valuers.
  • I’m a Renaissance Soul/Scanner which sounds really cool but all it actually means is that I have so many interests it’s impossible for me to be passionate about only one thing.
  • I love the story of Alice in Wonderland.
  • If I could be anyone for a day, I would be Betty Boop.

And there’s more…so much more… but I don’t want to give away too much just yet.

About Yvie's Attic

A Bit About the Blog

Yvie’s Attic is where you’ll find all sorts of updates about what’s going on in my business and about the things I sell in my Etsy shop.

You’ll find bits and pieces about lifestyle and crafting/creativity. I’ll also share recipes, how-tos, gardening tips and book recommendations with you.

I absolutely love photographing beautiful things so I’ll also be sharing some hints and tips about that.

Finally, I’m passionate about small businesses and using social media to promote them so I’ll probably include some posts on that too.

I do hope you enjoy what you find here and if you have any questions or you would like me to write a specific post on something, please feel free to get in touch. (Contact page coming soon)

In the meantime there are lots of other places to hang out with me. Just click on the links below to pop over and don’t forget to say hi.


Until the next time,